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Paying Club Fees

In order to pay your 2019 / 2020 Club Fees please click on the button below.  This will direct you to our Ground Works System for you to complete your payments.

Once logged in with your club email your totals will automatically display for your specific team.

Please use the email you used to register your player to either create your account or sign in.

If you have multiple players in the club on teams your 10 percent sibling discount will already be discounted by the Ground Works System.

If you have any questions please check your email for totals or contact Kelly Comerford at kkvolleygirl@yahoo.com

Playing travel volleyball is an avenue for athletes to receive advanced training and competition on local, regional and national stages.

Volleyball is becoming more and more competitive and players are picking up the sport at earlier ages. There is really no substitute to developing good fundamentals and game knowledge early on. Players who start early, 6th or 7th grade or even sooner, typically have a huge advantage over their peers who do not pick up the sport until later.

West Florida Waves teams are made up of athletes with strong skill level and the desire to train and push themselves to their highest level of play. Our coaches work hard each season to prepare our players for the next level. Whether that level is collegiate volleyball or their upcoming  school season, our club focus is to teach our players the fundamentals and develop each players skill in a highly competitive environment.


Our coaches are committed to coaching their team to be the best they can be by providing high quality training.
Talented Coaches
We have some of THE best coaches NW Florida has to offer - our coaching staff is second to none! From college players to high school and college coaches.
Extensive Training
West Florida WAVES Volleyball Club gives each athlete a chance to get thousands of valuable reps that ensure improvement in skills and fitness.
Quality Practices
Adhering to our philosophy of quality over quantity, we guarantee each team has their own court to practice at least three, sometimes four times a week.
College Exposure
Regional and National tournaments provide athletes exposure to college coaches. Many of these coaches recruit exclusively through club volleyball.


QUALITY Contacts, Not Just Reps!
Skill development is less about simply “getting touches” and more about getting “correct” touches in multiple skill areas. Every player learns to master - pass, set, serve, and attack.
Build A Competitive Spirit
We strive to develop driven, competitive players with a desire to compete at a high level.
Purposeful Friendships
From team bonding to teamwork, Club volleyball brings together like-minded athletes with similar goals and helps form friendships that can last a lifetime.
Grow the Volleyball IQ
Athlete’s must grow past rote repetition and understand the game of volleyball and how to compete at a high level.
Challenge to Develop
In the right atmosphere, failure can be a great teacher – we challenge our athletes to push just beyond their current skill level so they can develop into the players they are meant to be.
Wide-Range Competition
Volleyball tournaments are some of the largest, most competitive and fun sporting events out there. Test yourself against athletes & teams from all over the region and possibly the nation.


What Is Club Volleyball?

Playing club volleyball is an avenue for athletes to receive advanced training and competition on local, regional and national stages. Regional and National tournaments provide athletes exposure to college coaches. Many of these coaches recruit exclusively through club volleyball.

What Factors Should One Consider When Selecting A Volleyball Club?

The two primary factors to consider are: training and competition. West Florida WAVES formula for success on the court is the direct result of a consistent, comprehensive, and progressive training program led by talented and experienced coaches. Through appropriate competition we challenge and test our teams.

What Are The Ages Of Players Who Want To Participate In Club Volleyball?
  •  Our Grassroots program is designed for girls as young as 8.
  • WEST FLORIDA WAVES Volleyball Club currently has teams for players ages 12-18.
  • WEST FLORIDA WAVES Volleyball Club  follows the age classification guidelines of USAV.
My Athlete Is Trying Out For Other Clubs. If Selected - How Soon Does She Have To Commit To Avoid Losing Her Spot?

Unfortunately, this pressure tactic is often used by volleyball programs to secure athlete commitments. At West Florida WAVES, our highest priority is the well-being of the athletes. We promise to conduct our tryouts with the utmost integrity. When you receive an offer from West Florida WAVES, that offer stands and is available until the athlete and her family have taken sufficient time and opportunity to weigh all factors. We do request that families respond to their WAVES offer as soon as they know of their decision, to expedite the team selection process.

Note: We will NOT offer more positions than exist on our teams.

How Are Teams Formed?

Teams are formed based on the results of tryouts.  Players try out for a spot in their age group and teams are formed according to positions.

Do Teams Have A Fixed Practice Schedule?

Yes, with rare exceptions. Additionally, all teams are guaranteed their own court to train on. Team practices will all be held at the UWF Fieldhouse. Team schedules are outlined on our team pages on the website.

How Many Players Are On A Team?

Teams are made of 8-12 players.

How Many Practices Do Teams Have Per Week?

All teams will practice for 2 hours at least three, sometimes four times a week. Every team is guaranteed their own court to train on.

Please check our team pages on our website for more team specific information.

How Many Tournaments Will There Be?

Teams will compete in 8-9 tournaments (Tournaments are decided by coaches after teams are selected). The tournament schedule will be revealed at the team meeting.

What Do Open Level Teams Mean?

An open level team is composed of the more talented players who wish to play at a higher competition level and offers the greatest exposure for college recruiting for athletes.

When Does Club Season Start And End?

West Florida WAVES begin training in November/early December. Our teams begin tournament competition in January. Travel season typically ends in late April. Some teams compete longer though the AAU National Championships in Orlando, FL.

What If We Have Schedule Conflicts During the Club Volleyball Season?

We strongly believe in the concept of TEAM….all team members have a role to play on the team and therefore the team is strongest only when all members are present. It is imperative that student-athletes inform the Club of such conflicts well in advance if alternative arrangements are to be made.

Can I Play For More Than One Club?

No, if you commit to a club you have to stay with that club for entire season.

What Are The Fees For Most Club Teams?

Club fees vary from club to club.  WEST FLORIDA WAVES fees are typically between $1,400 – $2,000. Price range will vary depending on team and tournaments entered.

How Long Do Tournaments Last?

Players need to plan on being at a tournament from 8am to 5-7pm. Sometimes tournaments are divided into morning and afternoon waves.  A morning wave will last from approximately 8:00am-3:00pm, while an afternoon wave may start at 3:00pm and may last until 9:00pm. Most tournaments are two days.

Do The Teams Play In USAV National Qualifiers?

Only teams who qualify through the regional bid championships or a USAV Bid tournament earn a chance to play at the USAV Nationals. A team seeking a national bid will have an extended season into June and will pay additional fees for practices and the National tournament.

If you have any questions that were not on this page, please feel free to contact us, and we will gladly get the answer for you!


West Florida Waves Volleyball Club is a proud member of the Gulf Coast Region Volleyball Association, and USA Volleyball


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